Please join us on Saturday February 8th to celebrate Bloomington Karate Center's 40th Anniversary and annual Holiday Party.  Festivities begin at 5:00 pm and is open to all.  We are planning a Pot Luck dinner and refreshments will be provided by the school.

It was in late February of 1974 we began construction of the school on the corner of 98th St. and Lyndale Ave. here in Bloomington.  The doors first opened on April 1st 1974.  Nine years later, we moved to the corner of 94th St. and 35W on the east frontage road and nine years after that, we moved to our current location on 90th and Lyndale Ave.

It really does not seem that long ago but 40 years of teaching Martial Arts has been very rewarding in many ways.  Today we have children and grand-children of the original students training and teaching.  I have watched many of you grow up and I now have fun seeing you as middle aged adults still training and still growing.

I want to thank all of you for your participation, discipline, determination and loyalty over the years.  In particular I would like to thank the Instructors for your help in keeping the school open and for your love of what you do.  I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible and help me celebrate the last 40 years of the school.

Effective January 1st 2014 there will be two changes to the class schedule.  Day classes on Wednesday at 12:00 Noon will be cancelled until June 1st due to lack of attendance.  Day classes will be available again during summer break.

Starting 1/6/14 BKCI will be offering A Warriors Yoga class every Monday at 7:00 pm.  This class will be free to existing members.  The class is also available to non-members for a fee.  The class will be taught by certified Yoga Instructor and Black Belt Mr. KC Giwa.