Promotion Tests


Effective immediately all future tests will be moved to the second Thursday of every month.  After much consideration we decided that Fridays were too hard for many Instructors and students to make and still keep weekend plans.  There are now pre-testing requirments posted on the boards at the school.  Please review these pre-testing instructions so you will know what is expected at least two weeks before requesting to test for higher rank.  Also as always, the test day and time is posted on the blackboard in the corner by the ring. 

Police Training


On Wednesday June 12th we will be hosting the Minneapolis Police Academy.  The cadets will be boxing in the ring as usual for the first couple of hours and then we will be on the floor for "Use of Force" techniques.  The gym will be reserved from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm.

As in the past, we do this as a community service to help our Police be as well trained as they need to be to do their job.  Any Black Belts who would like to attend and help out are more than welcome.